"One of the Hardest things was Learning that I was worth Recovery"


Healing isn't pretty. But the other side of it is Beautiful.

Our Mission here at 'HELP REHABILITATION CENTRE' is to be committed to improving the life of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

We do this by lessening the adverse impact on families and society as a whole through the provision of a wide range of harm reduction and supportive treatment modalities along with encouraging a general positive outlook and wellbeing as well as holistically changing the individual’s perspective to be more in touch with their true selves.

O ur Vision is to bring back individuals from the brink of devastation of addiction and to build normal lives for themselves with family and friends.

We aim to do this by providing high quality assistance with innovative harm reduction methodologies and supportive strategies to reintegrate individuals back into society.

Our Values is our Integrity where we take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

Diversity We celebrate the unique differences of all individuals and recognize their unwavering right to respect, dignity, fairness and equality

Innovation & Excellence We are committed to continuous improvement by seizing opportunities to exceed expectations and achieve innovative outcomes.

Partnership and Teamwork We are committed to building and sustaining effective and harmonious relationships and connections with others in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

Client Centered We are committed in providing accessible and relevant service to our clients in the communities where they live.

What life can realistically look like with the right help!

By now the individual has freed themselves to a rudimentary extent of their dependence to indulge in drugs and alcohol. They have been able to live life addiction free for more than 4 months now and know how it is to live without compulsion of consumption! Cravings and self-control is questionable at this stage and many find using substances and alcohol as a choice now. The possibilities of a positive alternative new life where they are in the driver’s seat and their life is in their control become a reality. With self-control, self-worth and positive drive, their determination now will help beat the desire to use/abuse by either beginning a new life or choosing to be succumbed to by the fantasies of escapism. The disease can either be beat or they are faced with relapse. However, they are now driven and with meaning and purpose, the possibility of happiness and renewed hope can be restored.

With our focus on transforming lives in ways that last, one of the biggest healers is to be able to make peace with people hurt in the process of struggling with addiction. After being treated with positive regard, understanding and tolerance, our clients are able to recreate these qualities when they head back to their loved ones. Life after addiction is real. It’s tangible. We don’t want a single person that’s been though our doors to leave as the same person who arrived. And this happens when you beat the urge to Drink/ Use with new refocused abilities learnt and imbibed in the 4 months of positive ethos without criticism, blame or shame. We believe that one way to effectively overcome addiction to be focus on a life you want and away from fixing problems. And we do this by focusing on the present. Most ‘addiction traps’ lead an individual to say “ I’ll do this tomorrow” or procrastinate, and this trap of finding excuses has been pivotal to not being able to fully give up and give in. Once our clients leave our center, they get constant help from us with revisits and regular check-ins. We keep them focused on the ‘Now’ and engage with them to facilitate their recovery with reinforcements and close community bonds with our staff.

Life after Detox and rehabilitation would look like new rejuvenated individuals that ‘Believe in themselves’ with a chance of a new life with good health, family, love and friendship, rewarding work, freedom, exploration and adventure.

Why HELP Rehabilitation Centre?

We have a happy and dedicated staff that have a pleasant demeanor and are trained and focused on helping and bringing change in a positive way to our clients that stay with us. We also have programs for individuals that have fallen back into repression and need a shorter stay to overcome their fallible habits. We have tangible programs that are designed to benefit our clients in a way that works for the individual as well as close family and loved ones. We work very closely with the family and encourage positive interactions on a holistic level in each stage of progression. We HELP you find the life you want, free of addiction in a congenial manner that isn’t rough on the individual and we keep our promises. Over the course of detoxification and reintegration, we continually work with you until you are independent rather than dependent on a system or set-up. We use different techniques that help the varied and unique individuals that come to us because not everyone is the same and one boot doesn't fit all. We use intrinsic mechanisms rather than subjugate individuals into forced methods that cause more harm than any good. Additionally, we believe the effects of yoga in regenerating positive strength within the body and the tranquility of meditation on mental and emotional levels have astounding effects in most individuals. We thus use both noticeably to allow an individual to get in-touch with their inner being as acclimatization is needed to overcome the plague of craving; these ties into Spirituality where the soul can find solace and we use this approach in curing deep routed damage and hurt. This is just one part of our outline. Since we have experienced addiction ourselves and believe our tenacity in positivity over the years along with our diverse program has actually helped us set up the ideal place to send your loved one because we believe in what we are doing. It’s tried and tested and as you read our referrals and client and parent feedback in the short time we have been around, you will see with faith and conviction that we do what we do in the best manner you’d want it done.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, our 120 day rehabilitation program we run is for new cases of addiction and cases of severity that require longer stays to deal with the affliction. mentioned that we have shorter and more intense programs for people that suffer relapse in their addiction or for those that are short on time or for those that need a quicker adjustment period than the main stay of the full rehabilitation process. Individuals can opt for a 21 day, a 45 day or a 60 day period of detoxification that have intensified yet diverse programs suited for varied cases with different time restraints. An example would be working individuals that cannot cope with the rigorous 120 day stay. Or a sudden relapse case that needs a shorter time to recuperate and detoxify without going through the entire program again.

For this purpose HELP Rehabilitation Centre has two facilities that cater to the growing number of needs of individuals that needs separate care. No other center does this for individuals that have people with constraints and reprisals of such nature. Because we understand what addicts go through, because we’ve been there and done that – We’ve created our center to take care of what we saw other centers don’t for their clients.

  • As rightly said, we do have two hands, one to help yourself and second to help others. A true example set by both Anand and my heartiest best wishes for the HELP center and thanks for taking initiative towards betterment of the society.
    Tashi Bhutia
  • Amazing non profit organisation. An initiative undertaken by the Humans of Darjeeling. Splendid facility and the best part is the guidance and support given by the faculty members of this organisation. In house physical therapist and psychologist is the best part of this organisation.
    Dipu Thapa
  • Their first priority was "help" and that one reference turned out to be a living miracle for us with their help Give "help" a chance to make a difference - you wudnt regret your choice.